The Independent:You speak about humans hiding behind language. Isn’t language humanity’s greatest achievement?
John Gray:Humanity’s greatest achievements are often very mixed in their effects, and language is no different. The trouble with language is that people treat its creations as if they were real things. If millions died in the name of God, just as many have been killed for the sake of “humanity” – both of them dangerous abstractions. The crimes both of traditional religions and of the secular creeds of modern times come in part from worshipping words. True scepticism begins and ends with a certain mistrust of language, and tends to be found among poets and mystics more than philosophers.
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Issey Miyake, 2000

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Kobayashi Kiyochika 

Fireflies at Ochanomizu”

I often spend too much for things on ebay because I have a tendency to outbid out of pure spite.

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My mum posted an article on David Hockney on her Facebook page where he derides contemporary art and proclaims painting as the only truly worthy visual art, and I got halfway through writing an essay to post on her wall arguing that that’s an almost offensively idiotic opinion to have before I thought better of it and got on with my life.


Vogue Australia September 2013, Ashleigh Good wears Balenciaga, Photographed by Benny Horne "An American in Paris"

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Daisies (1966)

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The Masseurs and a Woman | Hiroshi Shimizu, 1938

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By Nina Leen

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Die Nibelungen: Siegfried - Fritz Lang - 1924

Hanna Ralph


Nadja Auermann by Vincent Peters for The Face Magazine November 2000

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Jan Smaga

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